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NBA Free Agency 2014: Rockets intensifying efforts to sign Chris Bosh

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Rockets are courting Chris Bosh as they seek to find a third star in free agency.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

First, there was Carmelo Anthony. Then, LeBron James. Now, as the Rockets continue their quest for a third All-Star to go with James Harden and Dwight Howard, another name has emerged: Chris Bosh. As they wait to hear back from other free agents, the Rockets have reportedly intensified their efforts to sign the Heat's forward and bring him into the fold.

Bosh's gaudy offensive numbers in Toronto have regressed since joining the Heat, but he remains an excellent defender and an absolutely perfect fit for the Rockets. He's good in the pick-and-roll, has legitimate three point range, and is an above-average passer, and would fit really nicely into the gaping hole the Rockets have at power forward right now.

Additionally, he could step in at center when Dwight Howard went to the bench, mitigating the loss of Omer Asik. Though Bosh, like every other free agent on the market, will be waiting until LeBron James makes a move to decide where he's headed, he seems like a good bet to join the Rockets if LeBron does indeed leave the Heat.

It wouldn't be the massive blockbuster that signing Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James would be, but bringing Bosh in would be a serious improvement and a significant boost to the Rockets' championship aspirations.