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Jason Friedman to leave

The Rockets may have taken their biggest loss of the off-season as Jason Friedman has announced his departure from the team.

Nobody will notice the difference, right?
Nobody will notice the difference, right?
Doug Pensinger

With all of the players that have come in and out of the Rockets locker room over the past few years, there has always been one constant, Jason Friedman. And that constant happened to be pretty damn good at his job. Over the years, we've all enjoyed Jason's incredibly well-written game recaps, summer league stories, whimsical rants, and interviews, and now we have to say goodbye. For now at least.

It may seem silly to run a story on a Rockets blog about the departure of a writer from another website, but Jason was more than just a writer for Rockets fans. He was a bridge into the inner workings of the Rockets team, bringing us stories we couldn't get anywhere else.

He simultaneously had one of the coolest jobs in the world and one of the hardest ones, getting unparalleled access but also being restricted by a system that had to have limited his creative potential. I haven't heard what's next from Jason, but if he's still working in sports media in some capacity, I would love to see what he could do in another setting.

I had the opportunity to get to know Jason to a certain extent, and even if this is somewhat rambling and incoherent, I wanted to dedicate a little bit of space to someone who has been a friend to me and to this website. Thanks for everything Jason, and good luck!