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Jeremy Lin trade agreed to by Rockets and Sixers, report says

A report by Liberty Ballers indicates that the Rockets have agreed to a Jeremy Lin deal, contingent on the Rockets signing Chris Bosh.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets are hot to trot to sign Chris Bosh to a four year deal, but to get the deal done, they first have to trade Jeremy Lin. There have been murmurs for weeks about the Sixers willingness to accommodate such a deal, and now, reports indicate that a deal is done, contingent on the Rockets signing Bosh.

This is what Jake Pavorsky at Liberty Ballers had to say:

The Sixers and Rockets already agreed to a deal for Lin, so best case here is James goes to Cleveland, which sends Bosh to Houston. Philadelphia would receive Lin and at least one first rounder. Not confirmed but sounds like there's a 3rd piece to PHI in the deal. That Lin deal does hinge on Houston signing a max player, which at this point seems like Chris Bosh.

Liberty Ballers is extremely tied into the Sixers front office and has nailed original news a number of other times, so I trust the report. The only question is what the first rounder is and what the other pieces could be. I would expect the Rockets to prefer to send out a Rockets pick instead of the Pelicans pick, but the Sixers may have held out for it to take on Lin's deal.

That third piece is likely either Donatas Motiejunas or Isaiah Canaan, the former seeming more likely as the Rockets would have just one point guard under contract otherwise. Moving Lin and Motiejunas would clear a great deal of cap room and enable the Rockets to get very close to that max offer they have made Chris Bosh.

Most importantly, the fact that the deal is agreed to is crucial as the Rockets timetable is very tight. With Chandler Parsons likely signing his offer sheet tomorrow, the Rockets will have three days to deal Lin, sign Bosh, then match the offer if they choose to do so. If they still had to agree to a deal, that could throw a wrench into their plans.

As for Lin, if this is goodbye, it's been a great ride. His fans may be too much sometimes, but he has been a consummate professional in his time with the Rockets and a fun player to watch.