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Rockets release full schedule for 2014-15 season

The Rockets have released their schedule for the coming season. Come check it out!

Mike Stobe

The Rockets have released their official schedule for 2014-15. If you want to check out the schedule, here is a printable version from that includes the preseason games as well. Here are a few tidbits about the schedule. On first glance, it looks like it could be a lot worse.

  • The Rockets only have to face off against the Thunder and Blazers three times instead of four in their conference schedule. They travel to Oklahoma City twice, and only have to go to the Rose Garden once. They also get just three games against the Kings and Lakers.
  • The team has 17 nationally televised games, and another seven games on NBA TV. Those games will be blacked out on NBA League Pass if you are a US viewer outside of the Houston area.
  • The team starts on a relatively easy stretch of games, facing the Lakers, Jazz, Celtics, and 76ers, before hitting a tough stretch of games against the Heat, Spurs, and Warriors.
  • They avoid a Christmas game, so you'll have to actually interact with your family members of Christmas Day. I'm very sorry.
  • The team has 20 back-to-backs. After seemingly having the most in the league the last few seasons, they have a relatively low number. Let's hope they can take advantage.
What are your initial impressions of the schedule? What games are you looking forward to seeing?