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Francisco Garcia re-signs with Houston Rockets on one year deal

The veteran forward will be back with the Rockets after re-upping on a one year deal.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing return to Houston after a promising first season in Rockets red, Francisco Garcia will have a chance to rebound in the 2014-15 season, as the veteran forward officially signed a one year deal with the Rockets for the veteran's minimum. Garcia shot below 36% from three point distance, and never seemed fully healthy last year, and hopefully after some time to get right this summer, he can return to the form that saw him play 27 minutes a game in the playoffs in 2013.

Because the Rockets will hold his Bird rights after this season, Garcia has a de facto no-trade clause, needing to approve any trade because the acquiring team would not retain his Bird rights. Given the small salary figure in his deal, it would seem unlikely the Rockets would even want to trade him, but that possibility is even more unlikely now.

With a weak and inexperienced bench, there is a spot for Garcia in the rotation if he can get his shot falling again. If not, he'd at least be a strong veteran influence on a still-very young team.