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Rockets trade for Jason Terry with Sacramento Kings

Former Dallas Maverick shooting guard Jason Terry is apparently headed to Houston as the Rockets have traded with the Sacramento Kings.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One minute we were all watching Team USA locked in a battle with Turkey at the FIBA World Cup, and the next we see the Woj bomb to end all Woj bombs: Jason Terry is headed to Houston. The Rockets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, have agreed to trade Alonzo Gee to the Kings in exchange for the former Rockets killer. Additionally, the Kings will give the Rockets a future second rounder to take on Terry's $5.8 million salary for 2014-15.

Realistically, this is nothing more than a salary dump for a team in luxury tax territory, but it is especially intriguing because of Terry's inclusion. Terry made a living in Dallas by blowing up the Rockets at every opportunity, and it will be interesting to see if he can rally from a bad year in Brooklyn with the Rockets. Lord knows he loves the Toyota Center.

With his $5.8 million expiring contract, Terry will also be an interesting piece to play at the trade deadline, so the Rockets have to hope he can play his way onto the roster. He struggled last year, but he can still shoot 3's at a decent clip, so if he can improve from the field the Rockets could use him.