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Dwight Howard has license suspended for running red lights, being dumb

Rockets center Dwight Howard may play in Houston now, but he is still paying for his years in Orlando, getting his license suspended for failing to pay his red light tickets in Orlando.

Steve Dykes

Over the last few weeks in the NFL, players have been implicated in a number of tough and malicious acts of violence. In a more lighthearted twist, Rockets center has gotten his license suspended for his failure to pay a red light ticket from Orlando, Florida.

It is a bit surprising that someone would forget to pay such a simple ticket, but the story gets a bit clearer when you learn that he piled up 26 tickets in the Orlando area between 2004 and 2012, including 10 tickets for running red lights, 12 tickets for failing to pay highway tolls, and 4 tickets for speeding.

With Howard getting his white Ferrari back from Chandler Parsons after the playoffs, it seems that for now he will be forced to be in the passenger seat. Maybe with some time out of the driver's seat, he can learn to tone down the crazy driving in the Houston area.