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Houston Rockets media day interview schedule, streaming information

Want to follow along with Rockets media day but can't be there? We'll have all the updates here!

Bob Levey

It's media day in Houston, which means the players, coaches, and executives will all be on hand to discuss the changes from the summer, plans for the year, and much more. You'll hear about which player is reporting to camp in the "best shape of his life," which jumper-challenged guard spent the summer shooting 1000 shots a day, or which veteran feels "as good as he has in the last five years" today, as well as potentially some interesting nuggets about the Rockets' plans for the season.

Daryl Morey will presumably be on hand to discuss his comments on Mark Cuban from last night, and the Rockets' decision to let Chandler Parsons go in free agency. If you have the time, you can watch the whole thing unfold at the live stream here, with the schedule for interviews as follows: