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Rockets assign Isaiah Canaan to D-League

So long, Canaanball

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have sent point guard Isaiah Canaan down to the D-League yesterday in a somewhat surprising move.

Rockets assign guard Isaiah Canaan to D-League | Ultimate Rockets

Isaiah, we hardly knew ya. You started and played well when Patrick Beverley was hurt, and then all of a sudden you were out of the rotation. Here's hoping your confidence isn't shot and you can bounce back and be useful.

With Alexey Shved back healthy and the Rockets hoping to contend for a championship this year, it's clear Kevin McHale doesn't trust Canaan just yet. Shved has played in high-pressure Olympic games and Jason Terry has a ring. Patrick Beverley has the largest cojones on the team. There is simply no room for a green, undersized second-year player on this roster right now.

Smith's ouster only part of reason for Pistons' revival |

Great, great stuff from David Aldridge on why Josh Smith chose the Rockets, what Kevin McHale thinks of his fit and its impact for both teams involved in this weird, weird transaction.

Dwight Howard admits he didn't get what he wanted - a Nets trade | The Brooklyn Game

Dwight Howard has been injured the two times his teams played the Nets since he tried to force a trade to Brooklyn, so this will actually be the first time he plays there.

Beck/Bucher: Grading the Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith Acquisitions | Bleacher Report

Ric Bucher gives the Josh Smith signing an A+. Howard Beck a C+. They make all the arguments that have been made thousands of times in the comments here.

Style Week: The Houston Rockets, We Can Dance if We Want To | Hardwood Paroxysm

Here's the blurb that comes with this piece: "The Houston Rockets are often criticized for playing with a style-less soul. But ambient dissonance is a style, even if it's inspired by a spreadsheet."

Sigh. I disagree that the Rockets are displeasing to watch. This oversimplifies Harden's game and discounts any of the fun things (Donuts post-ups/hook shots, Big Papa's everything) the Rockets do.

Harden No. 14 in jersey sales | ProBasketballTalk

The Beard clocks in below Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Paul, and ahead of Anthony Davis. I expect Harden to overtake those guys (except maybe Lillard) next year, and Davis to overtake everyone in like 5.