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Kevin McHale collects his 200th win as a head coach

With the Rockets' win over the Thunder last night, Kevin McHale picked up his 200th victory as a coach.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Kevin McHale's 200th victory has a head coach may have come a day later than he probably expected after the loss to the upstart Magic, but he will take the win just the same as the Rockets handled the Thunder on national television - 112-101.

McHale is the 86th coach in NBA history to reach the 200 win plateau. Thursday's game joins McHale's other milestones as a coach:

50th Win - January 27, 2012 vs. Washington Wizards
100th Win - February 5, 2013 vs. Golden State Warriors
150th Win - February 1, 2014 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

McHale ranks sixth in franchise history for win as Rockets head coach with 161 victories. He can pass Don Chaney (164) for fifth all-time with four more wins, and Jeff Van Gundy (182) is in striking distance if the Rockets eclipse 50 wins this season. Rudy Tomjanovich's spot at the top of the list is safe for the foreseeable future with 503 wins as Rockets head coach.

Here's to 200 more, coach McHale.