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Rockets vs. Suns GameThread: Playoff Contenders

The Houston Rockets attempt to climb back from a painful loss while the Suns try to box out the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have dropped to sixth in the Western Conference playoff picture as they suit up for tonight's 8 p.m. (Central) clash with the Suns in Phoenix. A Rockets win would reestablish some of the authority that dissipated when the Golden State Warriors hung a gratuitous Thursday night loss on Houston accompanied by 20 and 30 point leads.

The Suns are scrapping to erase the NBA's "Oklahoma City Thunder of Destiny" screenplay which builds steam each day. The Suns sit three games ahead of OKC and four games ahead of New Orleans in 8th place while posting eight wins in their last ten games.

The Rockets have slowed with six wins in the last ten games and sit one and a half games behind Southwest Division leader Memphis (who hold the Western Conference's two seed).

In early December the Rockets picked up a win against the Suns 100 - 95. Dwight Howard missed the contest while James Harden ceded high-scoring duties for a night to Patrick Beverley and Trevor Ariza. Five Rockets scored in double figures.

Win or lose expect every Houston sports radio caller to hit the phones tomorrow and demand the Rockets trade for Goran Dragic immediately... they have been for months.