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Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat game preview

The Rockets will look to bounce back against the Heat tonight in Houston.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know what to say. It's difficult not to get morose and knee-jerk your way to a "The Rockets are a pretender" conclusion. In truth, the Rockets laid an egg in New Orleans. The Pelicans aren't a bad team, but Houston shouldn't be losing to anyone by 30 points.

More disconcerting is the fact that the starters looked to not give one single iota of care in the game.

Anyway, the Rockets have to bounce back and beat a Miami Heat. It was a win earlier in the season against a perfect Heat squad that opened eyes nationally to the Rockets, and now Houston have to hope that they can use another game against the South Beach team to get out of this muck that they're in.

The Heat haven't played since Wednesday when they lost to the Pacers. Houston played last night and I don't want to talk about it any more.

Prediction: Rockets bounce back, 105-98.

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