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Dwight Howard says he's got "a good 10 years left"

Homeboy is going to be around for awhile.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is about to enter his 12th NBA season. And, he's ready for 10 more.

Coming off a season plagued with injuries, Kevin McHale has said the Rockets will monitor Howard's workload in training camp and use him sparingly in the preseason. The Rockets want to avoid bad stuff happening in meaningless games. Derrick Rose's really unfortunate training camp injury will likely pop into McHale's head each time he watches a scrimmage get too competitive.

However, Dwight doesn't like being treated like glass. He let Calvin Watkins of ESPN know how he feels.

"Y'all acting like I'm about to retire," Howard said. "I mean, I feel good. I'm 29 years old regardless of me being in the league for 12 years, I'm fairly young. I got about a good 10 years left in me. I'm going to give everything I got for these 10, 11 years I got left."

10 more years might seem a little far-fetched. Yet, many athletes are beginning to extend their careers into their late 30s. Serena Williams has played professionally since 1995. Kobe Bryant is 37 and he's practicing small forward at Lakers training camps. The guy is learning a new position 20 seasons in.

Dwight's biggest downfall has been injuries. That doesn't necessarily correlate with the downfall of a career.

In the playoff series against the Clippers, the Rockets gave CP3 & Co. such a comeback, it can only be classified as a character lesson.

Dwight reportedly has eight children and 20 snakes. He's got mouths to feed and children and snakes to send to college.