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James Harden's Adidas deal starts today; Adidas dropped off a truck full of shoes

Sorry James, no more Jordans.


It has been a busy offseason for James Harden. One of the biggest news stories was Harden switching from Nike to Adidas, signing a 13-year, $200 million deal with three stripes. He had to give up his beloved Jordans on Oct. 1, when the deal started (that's today).

To mark the change, Adidas did it big. Harden's new shoe provider brought a full truck load of shoes to his house in Houston.

The wait is over!!!!… Lets go! @adidashoops #teamadidas

A photo posted by jharden13 (@jharden13) on

The literal truckload of shoes should ease the pain of not being able to slip on some Jordan 11 Concords until he's 39. At the very least he appeared surprised by the gesture by Adidas. Adidas basketball twitter account captured Harden in his bathrobe like he was checking for the paper.

I guess this is what Harden was talking about when Adidas was going to be "SWAG" with him on board.