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Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors preseason game preview

The Rockets take on the defending champs tonight in the Bay Area.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason really sucks when everyone is getting hurt.

That's like 90% of it, right? The other 10% is to get everyone on the same page and game-ready. Other than that, stay healthy and it's all good.

Well, the Rockets are the Rockets, so nothing can be easy. I mean, how dare we expect things to go smoothly? Sure, we're already missing D-Mo and Dwight is missing the first regular season game. Oh, and Ty Lawson will probably get suspended a bunch of games. So with all of that happening, the last thing we wanted was injuries.

So naturally, Harden goes down with a knee injury (thankfully not serious) and Terrence Jones bruises his ribs (definitely not serious). The Rockets are being cautious with Dwight, too.

Tonight, the Rockets will be without James Harden, along with a host of others.

The Warriors are dealing with the curse of the champion. Everyone loves you when you're new and fun and the underdog. But once you win, you're not fun anymore. The "bravado of a determined young team" becomes "the arrogance of a conceited group of individuals."

Make no mistake: the Warriors won't get the golden treatment from the NBA fanbase this year, because the target on their back is humongous.

Tip-off is at 9pm CST on TNT and Root Sports.