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James Harden's favorite moves, more injuries for the Rockets

In today's Rocket Fuel, James Harden dissects his own offensive style and moves, the Rockets are fighting through more injuries, and a long shot is hopeful to play for his adopted team.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Start your week of right by catching up on the Rockets news from this past weekend. It's Rocket Fuel!

Harden's elite status built on a variety of moves | Houston Chronicle

Want to know what part of James Harden's game he considers is the best? Read this feature on the Beard to find out about all of his moves that make him an unstoppable offensive force.

Harden: I'm looking forward to playing off the ball | Red94

C'mon you can't deny that you're excited to see what the beard can do playing off the ball.

Rockets trying to build chemistry and get healthy | ESPN

As if the Rockets didn't suffer enough injuries last season (when was the last time the Rockets WEREN'T dealing with multiple injuries at one time?)

Arsalan Kazemi wants to play in Houston, his adopted city | Ultimate Rockets

The Rockets' newest player is no stranger to Houston. Although he's a long shot to make the final roster, it's great to see him have a chance to play for his "adopted team".