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Houston Rockets vs. New Orleans Pelicans preseason game preview

The Rockets take on the Pelicans tonight in the Toyota Center.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Rockets return to their tour of the Southwest Division when they welcome the New Orleans Pelicans to town.

The Pels (or Pellies if you're a Zach Lowe disciple) decided to run it back this season instead of trying to shake up the roster or bring in a sizable name through a trade or signing. In fact, the only meaningful acquisition they made this offseason was the hiring of Alvin Gentry from the Golden State Warriors coaching staff. Gentry coached the Phoenix Suns from 2009-2013 and had previous head coaching stints with the Heat, Pistons, and Clippers.

Now, he arrives in New Orleans with the goal of taking the Pelicans to the next step in their development. That starts with Anthony Davis, the $145 Million Man.

By the way, how many times in sports history has a player signed a contract for $29 million per year (or a number that outrageous) and "That was a great deal for both sides" was the collective opinion? That's how obvious Davis' potential is. Everyone is expecting a big year for the Brow and by proxy the Pelicans.

Personally I don't know where I expect the Pelicans to end up, so I'm putting up a poll question. And no, you don't get to say "Well it all depends on injuries" in the comments. Everything depends on injuries. Don't ruin the fun here.

Tip-off tonight is at 7pm CST and the game can be found on Root Sports Southwest.

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