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On the beefiest rivalries in the NBA and the Rockets depth

In today's Rocket Fuel, the beefiest rivalries in the NBA are analyzed on a tangible scale, the Rockets deep roster is discussed, and the Rockets' opponents are previewed.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is officially one week away. Start the countdown off right by catching up with today's Rockets news. It's Rocket Fuel!

2015-16 NBA Beefmeter: Appraising Notable Feuds Heading Into the Season | Grantland

Want to know what the beefiest rivalries are heading in to the season? This article will break them down on a easy to follow scale.

Houston Rockets Are Humming Right Along | House of Houston

The Rockets have a losing record in the preseason. That is a meaningless stat. The Rockets are one of the deepest teams in the NBA, and this article explains why that is such an advantage

‘Jalen and Jacoby’: 2015-16 NBA Western Conference Preview | Grantland

Jalen and Jacoby definitely give the people what they want with this preview of the Western Conference.

2015-16 NBA Season Preview: Western Conference best lineups |

Want a breakdown of the best offenses in the Western Conference last season and how they shape up this season? Check out this article to preview the teams the Rockets will have to defend this season.

Houston Rockets: The Complete SCS Round Table Sessions | Space City Scoop

Space City Scoop Writers Round Table Sessions covered the Houston Rockets from draft night to the NBA 2016 playoffs. An interesting recap of the offseason and preview for the upcoming season.