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Ty Lawson and Patrick Beverley could be a special duo

Ty Lawson and Pat Beverley just might be able to work together.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When the Rockets traded for Ty Lawson the first big questions people wondered: How does he fit with the team, and does he start over Patrick Beverley?

Forget that. Lawson does fit, and honestly who care if he starts or not; it's all about who finishes the game.

What people should really think about is this fancy, two-point-guard lineup that head coach Kevin McHale has teased and the Rockets have used sparingly during the preseason.

Maybe the team is actually trying to work on the two guard lineup during the final stretch. Or maybe the team is just so depleted due to injuries and giving guys rest that they just have to use it from time to time.

Either way, we are getting to see it from time to time; Lawson and Beverley shared the court during Saturday's loss to the Heat.

People were not able to get a prolonged look at the lineup, but you did get to see the Rockets push the ball with the two lead guards on the floor.

"I think that's when I like to really get creative when Pat's in the game," Lawson said about the two guard lineup "I can play off the ball, Pat's bringing it down and I can come off down screens and things like I like to do,"

Sounds almost like a ringing endorsement of the use of this lineup, right?

It sure should be. When this lineup is employed, it allows Lawson to be a little more of a scorer than a guy that sets up others.

You want a two guard lineup to work and be successful, it provides so many things to the Rockets if Lawson and Beverley can share the floor.

A) Teams have to spend actual time worrying about it.

B) It can give the Rockets another scoring option when Harden sits.

C) Having two guards on the floor means you can push the pace more.

Lawson with the Nuggets l and Beverley with the Rockets played minor minutes in different two-PG lineups ast season. But neither played with a player of the same caliber as the other.

Lawson last season spent time playing with both Jameer Nelson and Nate Robinson while Beverley played with Jason Terry and Isaiah Canaan.

And let's just say, none of those combinations really thrived the way the coaches thought/hoped they would.

Two-guard lineup

The numbers say it shouldn't work, but again, Lawson has yet to play with a guy like Beverley. The numbers are also skewed because the Nuggets were so bad last year.

The Beverley and Lawson combo could be the duo to break the awful plus/minus numbers and actually post something positive.

If you take an elite ball handler and playmaker and a pretty good scorer and pair him with an elite on-ball defender, then you have the makings of a tag-team that's better than all the greats in the WWE.