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Dwight Howard's back injury and the modern NBA offense

In today's Rocket Fuel, modern NBA offenses are analyzed and the first fifteen teams are revealed in the annual NBA League Pass rankings.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There is officially just one week until meaningful Rockets basketball. Start the home stretch off right by catching up on the latest Rockets news. It's Rocket Fuel!

Banged-up Houston Rockets 'far away' from regular-season form | ESPN

The Rockets are a deep team. But even the deepest of teams can't afford to suffer the amount of injuries the Rockets have over the past season and in to this season. Calvin Watkins explains why there is reason for concern regarding the health of the team.

Dwight Howard getting closer to return to court for Rockets | Ultimate Rockets

Dwight Howard's health will be one of, if not the most important aspects of the season for the Rockets. Jonathan Feigen updates Howard's status as the regular season quickly approaches.

NBA - What wins as modern offenses evolve | ESPN (Insider)

If you're reading this post and are a Rockets fan, then you love three-pointers almost as much as I do. Combine three point shooting and advanced statistics and you get once fascinating article like this one, in which Kevin Pelton breaks down the four factors that define progressive NBA offenses in the modern era and how important they are to success. (Hint: the Rockets are pretty modern)

The Annual NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1 | Grantland

Thinking of getting NBA League Pass this season? Zach Lowe has you covered with a breakdown of the first 15 teams in his annual League Pass rankings (The Rockets are only 20th even with Ty Lawson and the emergence of the Swiss Dunk Machine??)

Open Floor: James Harden's outlook, LaMarcus Aldridge Q&A and more - NBA |

In the return of Open Floor on Sports Illustrated, James Harden reflects on last year and how the Rockets improved in the off season, and Chris Mannix gives his top 15 team rankings. Interesting read on several topics.