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On the Rockets communication and health issues and 35 crazy predictions

In today's Rocket Fuel, the preseason is reviewed for the Rockets, communication struggles exist (among others), and 35 crazy predictions for the 2015-2016 NBA season are given.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season officially starts tomorrow. The Rockets open up the 2015-2016 campaign on Wednesday. Basketball is here. Start this glorious week off by catching up on today's Rockets news. It's Rocket Fuel!

Everything You Need to Know About the Houston Rockets' 2015-16 NBA Season | Bleacher Report

A wonderful breakdown of the Rockets just ahead of opening night.

Five takeaways from the Rockets' preseason | ESPN

If you actually care enough about preseason to read this article, here is an interesting take on the team heading in to the regular season.

Rockets focusing on communication in waning days before season starts | Ultimate Rockets

With the preseason behind them, the Rockets' focus on Saturday afternoon was to work on its biggest problem before the season starts on Wednesday: Communication (along with the countless injuries suffered throughout the preseason).

35 Crazy Predictions for the 2015-16 NBA Season | Grantland

If you aren't familiar with Zach Lowe and his work by now, you should be. Here he provides an excellent preview of the season (and praises the Rockets!)