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Opening Night 2015-2016 Open Thread

The Rocket don't play until Wednesday, but we have three games tonight. Real basketball has begun at last.

The Holberg Experience - Game 1
The Holberg Experience - Game 1
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Opening night features what was meant to be two marquee match ups on TNT.  Chicago versus Cleveland, and Golden State versus New Orleans.

So we'll get a chance to see Fred Holberg's version of the Bulls.  There's also the Cleveland Cavaliers, still depleted, but with LeBron leading the way.

The later game is Anthony Davis and The LSU Bayou Bengals versus NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.  Seriously, I have no idea who New Orleans can suit up for this game.  D League Select Team?  Maccabi Tel Aviv?  No one is healthy on New Orleans.  That turns an interesting game into more of an ongoing coronation parade for Golden State.  I may be the most fallacious of gamblers, but surely Golden State will have some bad luck this season? It can't all go to other teams like New Orleans.

Also of note, probably the most influential coach at Golden State last season, Alvin Gentry is now coaching the Pelicans, hoping to bring life to what at times appeared to be a dumpster fire of Thibodeauxian proportions on offense "Well that was 18 seconds of nothing, Davis, do something great!".  Will it work?

Also, Detroit is playing Atlanta on League Pass.  It's interesting as well.

Anyway, if you want a drinking game for the first matchup it is -

Reference to new/improved Fred Holberg offense in Chicago.

Second matchup it is -

Alvin Gentry is facing his former team, team he helped lead to a ring.

I'm assuming you like drinking.

Hey, the first quarter interview is President Obama.  Not as taciturn as Popovich.