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Weird Rockets Video of the Week: Patrick Beverley in High School

Patrick Beverley is the American Dream.

"The Most Skilled Player in the NBA"
"The Most Skilled Player in the NBA"
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Ethan Rothstein, our editor in chief and chief who is also an editor, asked me to start a weekly column, in which I bring you the Weird Rockets Video of the Week. At first I was like, "Are there really that many videos that I could use," and the answer to that question was yes, yes, an overwhelmingly intense and absolute yes. I don’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Here is this week's video.

Patrick Beverley High School Highlights




Highlights of Marshall guard Patrick Beverley. Class of 2006

Oh, man. Could you imagine playing Patrick Beverley in high school? Do you think you could mentally handle him being the best player on the floor and covering you for the entirety of the game? Think about the best game you've ever played in your whole life. Now, imagine the exact opposite of that because that's what playing against Patrick Beverley in high school would be like.

For some context, Patrick Beverley is a point guard and probably my favorite player on the Houston Rockets. But you knew that. What you might not have known is that 1) he went to Marshall Metropolitan High School in Chicago, 2) he played basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks before 3) getting drafted in the second round of the 2009 NBA Draft. He'd get cut, play overseas, and grab a deal with the Rockets in 2013. Can you imagine the trash talk coming from Kobe and Bev? Remember that game you imagined before-- the opposite of your best game? Double that.

Admittedly, this video isn't that weird. It's not like Beverley does anything particularly strange, or there's any weird editing, or Jerry Seinfeld or something. I mean, the music is a little dumb, but that's classic high school highlight tapes. This video is weird because we get to see Pat, our defensive specialist, absolutely wreck as a scorer, which is fun and good and important. Every player in the NBA was (probably) the best player on their high school basketball team. But, not all of them had the road to the NBA that Bev had. He was good, worked hard, got better, and made it to the league. Tell me that's not the American Dream and I will tell you that we aren't friends anymore.

Here is the best comment from this video. It's a two-parter. I had four comments to choose from.


GleeshySBs, if that is even your real name, your comments are the reason I wake up in the morning. To be so absolutely positive, with such little doubt in either statement, further still with such blatant and utter disregard for any other argument is truly something to behold. Meanwhile, to be so bold as to call it the "20 first century'," is just massively impressive. Were you raised by every single President of the United States at once, GleeshySBs? Because it would seem so. Man. These comments. Wow.

What I would like to know, though, GleeshySBs, is which comment was made first, because I think that makes a difference. It just says "1 year ago" for both, but that could mean that you made either first. You could have proclaimed Beverley to be the greatest defender OF THIS ENTIRE CENTURY THAT IS YET TO BE 20% OVER, and then retracted your statement to say, "I went toO far. Just the best in the league at the moment. Sorry for going overboard originally," which would be perfect and amazing.

BUT, you could've done the opposite, GleeshySBs. You could have declared Patrick Beverley to be the best defender in the league, gotten 5 likes, gained an immense sense of hubris, causing you go mad with power and scream from your ivory tower "PATRICK BEVERLEY IS THE GREATEST DEFENDER OF THIS CENTURY. KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD," which, honestly, I might like more.

That was your Weird Rockets Video of the Week. Come back next Wednesday when I’ll show you some other ridiculous thing because this is who I am now.

But, more importantly, watch the Houston Rockets play the Denver Nuggets tonight. It's the beginning of what could be an amazing year.