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Ty Lawson facing the Nuggets feels like just another game

The bad blood, and the hype, just isn't there like we thought it might be.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Ty Lawson playing the Denver Nuggets narrative is really not that big of a deal. There wasn't a big, huge, nasty, long divorce. It was pretty much clean cut: Lawson did X, then Y happened, and I think he understood that. Now the point guard is in a better situation overall.

"I'm focused here," Lawson said "(my) focus is the Houston Rockets, we got a good thing going here, trying to win a championship,"

Earlier in the week, Lawson acknowledged he kind of figured the NBA schedule makers would make him play the Nuggets first. He wouldn't however go much deeper than that. There is no feel to this game that it means so much Lawson.

This isn't Jeremy Lin playing the Knicks, or Dwight Howard when he played the Lakers.

The really only interesting part to the game isn't Lawson playing his old team. At least in my opinion, it's Lawson and Emmanuel Mudiay—the point guard they considered the future over Lawson.

So Wednesday night it will be the past and future of Nuggets point guards that will match-up against each other.

Being the first game of the year and Mudiay being a rookie that spent the past season in China, there isn't too much video out there for Lawson to game-plan for.

"He likes to get to the basket, good finisher, and shoots the ball well," Lawson said of what he knows about Mudiay.

Even though there isn't much game tape to see, he still knows what to do counter him.

"Make him go to his left his off-hand," Lawson said "and see if he can shoot the three,"

While it isn't about Lawson vs the Nuggets, we will at least be able to see if the past or the future is better at least for Wednesday night.