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Rockets vs. Nuggets game thread: Opening night is here


Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

We have written so much about the Rockets this year — more than we ever have in October, actually — without them having played a game, I figure instead of me re-hashing things, I'll link to some of my favorite things TDS has produced in the lead-up to the season:

Five things to watch for on opening night, by Darren Yuvan

What 538's CARMELO system says about the Rockets, by NVP

The pressure has shifted to Kevin McHale, by Eric Nielsen

The Houston Rockets Power Rankings, Part 1 and Part 2, by Danny Emerman and Max Croes

Sleepers no more: The Rockets are in the championship conversation, by Darren Yuvan

No one should question Dwight's toughness anymore, by Eric Nielsen

Corey Brewer, Terrence Jones tell TDS what they think of the Clippers comments, by Joshua Reese (aka dyslexicsports)

That should be some solid reading material for the game. I am too excited to write any more.