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The Dream Shake predicts the 2015-2016 NBA season

Our staff predicts how this season will go. We are all right.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The beginning of every NBA season is filled with excitement, hope and the promise of new beginnings. It's also filled with predictions: lots and lots and lots of them.

Here at The Dream Shake®, we pride ourselves on being different than other sites out there. But predictions are just too much fun, especially for the writers who wind up being correct (me, probably) and get to go back in time and have documentation of just how much smarter we are than our peers.

This is also a chance to show you, the readers, just how much The Dream Shake has grown over the years, because holy crap do we have a lot of writers participating in this predictions hootenanny (spell check tells me this is the correct way to spell that). Without further ado:

Writer Rockets wins NBA MVP DPOY East Champs West Champs NBA Champs

Date of first report
of Clippers dysfunction

Date when Mavs
start tanking
D-Leaguer who will
set RGV on fire
Ethan Rothstein 55-59 Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Cavaliers Rockets Rockets Dec. 18 Feb. 11 Denzel Livingston
Max Croes 55-59 James Harden DeAndre Jordan Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Nov. 24 Dec. 4 Toure' Murry
Ryan Dunsmore 50-54 Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Cavaliers Warriors Cavaliers Nov. 25 Jan. 1 Tyrone White
AK 50-54 Kevin Durant Anthony Davis Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Dec. 1 April 20 Toure' Murry
Darren Yuvan 55-59 Anthony Davis Rudy Gobert Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Dec. 29 Oct. 27 Tony Bishop
Xiane 58-60 Stephen Curry Rudy Gobert Cavaliers Rockets Cavaliers Dec. 7 Jan. 15 Denzel Livingston
Tom Martin 58-60 Kevin Durant Rudy Gobert Cavaliers Rockets Cavaliers

Feb. 14

April 20 Sam Dekker

Joshua Reese

58-60 James Harden Serge Ibaka Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Nov. 2 They won't K.J. McDaniels
Kevin Nesgoda 60 James Harden Kawhi Leonard Bulls Rockets Rockets Nov. 2 Jan. 11 Jaron Johnson
Alykhan Bijani 55-59 James Harden Anthony Davis Cavaliers Warriors Warriors Dec. 13 Feb. 21 Will Cummings
Danny Emerman 50-54 Anthony Davis Rudy Gobert Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Dec. 10 Oct. 31 Chris Walker
Colin Ainsworth 55-59 Kevin Durant Anthony Davis Cavaliers Warriors Warriors Dec. 29 Oct. 29 Sam Dekker
Eric Nielsen 50-54 James Harden Kawhi Leonard Cavaliers Spurs Spurs Nov. 27 Dec. 27 N/A
Nikhil Bontha 60 James Harden Rudy Gobert Cavaliers Rockets Rockets Nov. 1 April 20 Sam Dekker
Eric Spyropoulos 55-59 Stephen Curry Kawhi Leonard Cavaliers Thunder Cavaliers Dec. 10 Dec. 20 Toure' Murry

A few things I was surprised by:

  • Only three of us picked the Rockets to win the title. We're supposed to be homers! Or at least, that's what Twitter tells me. I'm sure the comment section will tear us apart for picking the Rockets at all, because we're all insanely superstitious folks.
  • Not a single person chose LeBron James as his MVP. Considering he's been the odds-on favorite for the award for about a decade, his absence is kind of jarring.
  • No one picked Draymond Green for defensive player of the year. That's actually not so surprising, I'm just so goshdarn proud.
  • Lol 420.
  • Holy crap do we have a big staff. And that's not even all of them!

Here's the consensus: Cavs win the East (only one dissenter), Spurs win the West and the title, James Harden wins his first MVP, Kawhi and the Stifle Tower split the DPOY vote, the first report of Clippers locker room dysfunction surfaces any day now and the Mavs will either tank or all get high. Also Sam Dekker shows the D-League what a first-rounder can do, just like the Swiss Roll did last year.

Leave your own predictions in the comments.