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The Rockets Christmas jerseys are here, and they're awesome

James Harden can wear the Christmas jersey because it's Adidas.

@paleozulu44 on Instagram

It's not even Halloween yet so of course the NBA has released their official Christmas jerseys.

These bad boys are designed by Adidas. Congratulations, Adidas. You did good. You normally don't do real good in school but these are definitely an A minus. Nike might even start to take you serious again soon.

#NBA Christmas uniforms #Bulls #Spurs #Rockets #Warriors

A photo posted by Julian Harden (@paleozulu44) on

Let's be real here. Yes, this jersey is cute. However, it's not really that different from the Rockets regular one. All they did was changed the colors slightly, move the number around and steal some font from a children's Christmas picture book.

And as for the socks. Those are not the socks of grown men.