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Rockets at Grizzlies game thread: Preseason game 1

Let the games begin!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After a long summer free of any NBA action, the best time of the year is finally upon us. The preseason's not quite opening night, but hey, at least it's basketball.

We'll have plenty of time to make heads and tails of the Rockets titles chances, Ty Lawson's fit with the team and what the heck to do with Terrence Jones, but for now just savor in the fact that the Rockets are back and rejoice that the regular season opening night is just three weeks from today.

While it's important not to place too much value, good or bad, into one (and the first) preseason game, it'll be interesting to see where the Rockets stand at this early point, and it's a match up with a quality opponent. Check out AK's preview if you haven't already.

Look for the main rotation to begin re-establishing chemistry and pushing tempo (Kevin McHale says he want them to play "faster" this season) and for the end of the bench to simply get their feet wet.

The preseason is your building block. A run to June starts tonight.