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Rockets vs. Mavericks game thread: Welcome home, now here's the bench

Game 2 on tap on an inexplicable preseason back-to-back means not many Rockets will be active.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We just found out on Twitter that Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza and Ty Lawson will all miss the Rockets' second preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks tonight, the first time they would have been in front of the home crowd this year, to rest.

James Harden is "still deciding." Donatas Motiejunas, Terrence Jones and Montrezl Harrell are also missing time with their injuries of varying seriousness. Preseason back-to-backs remain dumb.

Because of all the DNPs, we'll get extended looks at Sam Dekker, Clint Capela, K.J. McDaniels, Will Cummings, Joshua Smith and Chris Walker. All of them will simply have to play heavy minutes because there aren't many bodies left to play (and I doubt Jason Terry and Corey Brewer will be asked to play more than 20 minutes or so). So, uh, enjoy?