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Rockets vs. Heat: The first gut check game is here

It's only game three but time to see if the Rockets have any fight

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best attributes of the 2014-2015 Rockets is the ability to stop a losing streak. They didn't lose more than two games in a row during the regular season. When they had their backs against the wall, they would come out firing. More often than not, the Rockets would win by double-digits.

Already two games into a brand new season and the Rockets have lost back-to-back games. Not to mention they are the only team in history to lose back to back home games by 20 or more points.

Of course, this team is not the same team as last year. The western conference finalists are working in a brand new point guard in Ty Lawson, and also working on finding James Harden his rhythm.

It's taking time, they did not kick off the season running and gunning like they had hoped. It's only two games in but the Rockets are scoring 88.5 points per game, the third-worst mark in the league.

One of the themes of the first two games has been a lack of speed. Coach Kevin McHale even made it a point to mention it seven times during an a response to a reporter's question after the loss to the Warriors.

Luckily, the Rockets don't have time to sit and dwell on the losses, games that count are coming whether they are ready or not.

Sunday they will try to contain the Heat's Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The bad news is so far they have had a hard time stopping anyone. Bosh is a big who can stretch the floor while Wade is a guard who is crafty and knows how to score.

Emmanuel Mudiay and Stephen Curry both have carved up the Rockets. Wade would fall somewhere in between the Mudiay and Curry scale of scoring guards.

An upside over the first two games has been Montrezl Harrell and Clint Capela, who provided far more energy than the veteran starters. With Terrence Jones out for Sunday's game, it will be interesting if maybe the duo starts to get a little bit more of a run.

To fix the Rockets is very simple: run and gun. Get back to the basketball that got them within three wins of the NBA Finals. The Rockets know what they need to do. James Harden after the Warriors loss mentioned better spacing, andDwight Howard mentioned trusting each other.

They understand what they need to do, with another practice under their belt before they meet the Heat maybe they have worked on some of the things that ail them. It's up to them to prove they can plug up the holes in the ship before it starts to sink.

Joshua Reese