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Rockets first team in NBA history to lose first 3 games by 20 points each

The Rockets have stumbled into some unfortunate history with their loss to the Heat tonight.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There are moments when a team or players wants to be part of NBA history. Those moments usually involve scoring the most points in a single game, getting the most blocks, assists or winning the most games as a team. Tonight, the Houston Rockets became the first team in NBA history to lose their first three games by exactly 20 points each to start a season.

Immediately after the loss I ran a quick query against the Basketball Reference database to see if in fact any team had started the season by losing three straight by 20 points each.  In fact, this is the first time in NBA history a team has lost three straight games by 20 points each.

There have been numerous teams throughout the league that have lost at least three straight games by 20 or more points. The Rockets have a chance to join a plethora of other teams (too many to count) that have lost four or more games in a row by 20 or more tomorrow night when they play the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder have played both their games in this early season close and both games came down to the final seconds.  However, the Rockets are going to need to score more than their current 88.7 points as a team during the game if they want to even keep it close against Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Update: Upon further research no team to lose three straight games by 20+ points have not only never made the playoffs, they never broke 20 wins in a season.