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On the Rockets' injuries and small ball

In today's Rocket Fuel, updates are given on some important injured players, the Rockets are thriving using small ball, and James Harden has his groove back.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Yes it is only Tuesday and yes the Rockets don't play until tomorrow. But make sure you are caught up on the latest Rockets news. It's Rocket Fuel!

Terrence Jones back but Pat Beverley still out for Rockets - Ultimate Rockets

Some quick injury updates ahead of the Rockets' next game vs. the Nets on Wednesday.

Dwight Howard learning to live as target for fans' scorn | Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Injuries and his exits from Orlando and Los Angeles have made Dwight Howard a popular target for opposing hecklers. He's handling it with astounding grace and patience. Few people deserve treatment like this, especially those with such sterling track records of community service.

James Harden is Player of the Week just days after the worst start in NBA history - The Dream Shake

I guess you could say Harden has got his groove back (though I'm sure everyone found that out on Saturday).

Small ball working for Houston Rockets | ESPN

The Houston Rockets have surged with a smaller lineup and, with the return of Terrence Jones, must now determine if they should stick with small ball.

Morey not worried about Harden dating Khloe Kardashian | Larry Brown Sports

Daryl Morey said on a radio show he's just worried about basketball, contrary to some media reports. I wonder if he would have said this when James Harden opened the season shooting single-digit percentages from deep.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings | ESPN

Predictably, the Rockets have climbed back inside the top 10 (spoiler: Golden State is still number one).