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Dwight Howard expected to sit out Friday or Saturday

The plan to keep D12 fresh continues.

The Houston Rockets have been on a steady regimen of resting Dwight Howard for one game of their back-to-backs so far this season. That trend looks to continue as the Rockets plan to sit Howard for either their road game in Denver on Friday or at home against Dallas on Saturday night.

Dwight did his best to appease fans who might be frustrated:

I know early in the season, being a fan of the team you might get upset. You're trying to understand why. It's all about longevity. The biggest thing is making sure at the playoffs, all of us are healthy. And I want to make sure that later in the season, I'm on the court instead of in a suit watching.

I know if I were Dwight I'd probably prefer to sit out the thin air of Denver, Colorado. We'll see how the Rockets play it out.

(h/t for Howard's quote)