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Rockets vs. Nets game thread: Marcus Thornton starts, Terrence Jones to come off the bench

Small-ball is still in effect as the Rockets take on the league's worst team.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The league's worst team comes into Houston tonight as the Rockets get Terrence Jones back. But Marcus Thornton — free agent flotsam before the season — is still in the starting lineup because the Rockets are undefeated when he starts. The small-ball revolution has officially arrived in Houston.

That's not a bad thing! And the Rockets haven't been beating up on weaklings; their last two wins have been against the Thunder and Clippers. Danny argued that Marcus Thornton should start just a few hours ago and every commenter and every Twitter response agreed. So did McHale. This should be fun.

AK was too scared of a jinx to predict a Rockets win, but this should be a laugher. Hoooooly crap are they bad. Brook Lopez should be neutralized by Dwight Howard, Thaddeus Young doesn't create a matchup problem for Trevor Ariza and Jarrett Jack is going to be eating Ty Lawson's dust up and down the court. Come at me basketball gods.