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Hey, What's Up, Hello: Marcus Thornton's new nickname is Fetty Wap

Does he have a Trap Queen doe?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Thornton now goes by the name Fetty Wap. Like the rapper best known for the hit single (sure, let's call it that) Trap Queen.

Thornton just got on Instagram. His handle is now @mthornton10. Teammates Dwight Howard and Sam Dekker promoted the fact that Thornton is on the social network on their own respective accounts. Both of them grammed basically the same thing: that Thornton is known as Fetty Wap on the Rockets. Because he can ride with his baby, I guess.

Go follow the big bro @mthornton10 aka fetty wap #pursuit #ooohohh

A photo posted by Sam Dekker (@samdek7) on

Follow my boy @mthornton10 aka fetty wap.

A photo posted by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward) on

While Dekker and Howard shared the new nickname but they didn't reveal why they felt such a name was appropriate. Seems like a question we should have a credentialed reporter ask, doesn't it? Don't worry: we're on it.