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Patrick Beverley's E-Z Tag arrest dash cam has surfaced

"I'm legal with Eagle, bro."


So you may have heard there was a bit of a to-do about Patrick Beverley before Wednesday night's game -— namely, that he missed the morning shootaround because of legal trouble. As it turns out, he was pulled over for speeding through a school zone, and when the police officer ran his name, an open warrant for unpaid tolls popped up.

Beverley was handcuffed and taken to a local police station to pay his fine, and now KHOU has dash cam video of that interaction. It shows Beverley acting pretty annoyed, as any of us would with the situation. Of all the automatic payments to remember when your credit card expires, an E-Z Tag like the one he let lapse feels like one of the easiest to forget. And he got handcuffed for it!

The cops probably just didn't feel like relaxing the rules, and that's their prerogative (they did apparently let him off with a warning for the speeding), and Beverley has a right to be upset, because the cops made him late for his job over some bullshit. He was pissed off, but not too pissed off to let loose one of the great lines in recent Rockets history: "I'm legal with eagle, bro."

When I first heard that, I thought it was just him rhyming because he's a cool guy. But apparently it's his way of saying he's insured, as a reference to this ad campaign from Chicago-based Eagle Insurance. Did I say it has a crazy commercial? Oh, it has a crazy commercial all right:

Beverley grew up in Chicago, so he would definitely remember commercials this bonkers. Why does this clearly female eagle have a man's voice? It laid a fully mature egg just for the purpose of telling those people off about insurance. That baby needs to be cared for! Anyway, we're getting off track.

When Beverley was asked about the situation before the game on Wednesday, he had clearly decided to laugh about it, which is the right call and turned into some pretty good quotes:

Pat keeps it real, man. I wonder if he actually has Eagle Insurance on his Rolls Royce. It's an effective ad campaign, if so.