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Patrick Beverley out indefinitely and Montrezl Harrell up in the air

The Rockets are dropping like flies, making a bad start to the season even worse.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As if the start to the season hasn't been bad enough, Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley is now out indefinitely with an ankle injury, as posted by CBS Sports and attributed to Fox 26's Mark Berman.

Beverley also missed 26 regular season games last year and all of the post season with a wrist injury and has now only played in 7 games this year before going down again.

The Rockets can't seem to get healthy, with Donatas Motiejunas still out recovering from back surgery, Dwight Howard still sitting back-to-backs, Terrence Jones missing five games due to a cut on his eyelid, and in addition to the Beverley injury, rookie Montrezl Harrell tweaked his ankle in Saturday's loss to the Mavericks. He returned to the bench Saturday night, but not to the game.

It's a tough blow for a team in desperate need of some chemistry and consistency, and as the injuries pile up, coach Kevin McHale will need to find some way to get them on the same page.

There are no further updates from the team on Harrell's status at this time, and it is unknown if he will miss any games, and there is currently no time table for Beverley's return.

Expect veteran Jason Terry to continue to pick up Beverley's minutes in his absence. Terry had 19 points in 26 minutes Saturday night.