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Rockets vs. Celtics Game Thread: Can they turn things around?

.It's not time to start panicking yet, but it is time to worry.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It's only ten games into the 2015-16 season, but fans are officially more nervous than excited for Houston Rockets games at this point. It does not get any easier tonight either, as the Boston Celtics come into town looking extremely tough. They've beaten the Atlanta Hawks and the Oklahoma City Thunder in their last two games, and Brad Stevens has them playing swarming defense.

The Rockets are (of course) coming into this game banged up, but Trevor Ariza will probably play, and Dwight Howard will be in the lineup after sitting out the second game of the Rockets' previous back-to-back. Patrick Beverley is still out indefinitely with a sprained ankle, however.

Will the Rockets finally find some kind of a spark (looking at you, James Harden)? Or will the Celtics' youth and energy continue to make the Rockets look lifeless? With K.J. McDaniels back on the roster, will he get off the bench to give Corey Brewer a break? Can we get excited about this dang team already? Discuss in the comments.