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Three takeaways from the Houston Rockets loss to the Boston Celtics

The tailspin continues, are there any takeaways to be had?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets lose to the Celtics 111 to 95. Their fourth straight loss.

With three minutes left to go before halftime the Rockets lead by 13 points.  The Celtics would close out the quarter on a 15-to-2 run to tie the game. Out of locker room the Celtics would rode that momentum by scoring 32 points in the third quarter. The Rockets could only muster 13. The game was pretty much over from there.

Below are three takeaways from the game

The Celtics wanted it more.

The one play that stood out the most on Monday night was a Trevor Ariza turnover.

Early in the third quarter with the Celtics only up by one point, Ariza had the ball at the three point line. Ariza swung the ball like he was getting ready to pass it to someone else. Instead of passing, Marcus Smart just straight up took the ball from Ariza. Smart didn't swat at it, Ariza didn't drop the ball, Smart just took it from his hands like an adult taking candy from a baby.

Aside from that play the Rockets made plenty of careless passes and had a lot of unforced turnovers.

While the Celtics and the Rockets had pretty much the same amount of turnovers. the Celtics made the Rockets pay scoring 39 points off of turnovers.

Who is the guy that is wearing #33?

Seriously, if someone has seen Corey Brewer can you tell him the Rockets can really use him. Was he abducted by aliens? Is this Brewer's twin brother that never played basketball before but has always wanted to?

Brewer last season was a huge part of the Rockets success. The speedy combo forward/guard brought energy and a scoring punch off the bench.

This season, while he has been able to get to the rim, he has not been able to get anything to go down. Lay-ups, three's, jump shots, and energy... it's gone.

I am having a hard time understanding if this is a solely a Brewer thing or is he off because everyone else is off?

I just don't know anymore...

I am at a loss at trying to understand what is wrong. They had a 15 point lead Monday night only to eventually be down nearly 30 points.

Is it James Harden? Is it Ty Lawson? Is it injuries? Are they just going through a crazy bad team-wide shooting slump?

The problem is it's not just one thing, it's a little bit of everything and more.

Harden is not making shots, he's also not being the play maker he was last year. Lawson has become a jump shooter instead of being the play maker they wanted. The team is also banged up and have not had the time to gel. Worst of all, for a team that shoots three's they haven't been able to hit any.

For the season, they are the second-to-last team in the NBA in three-point percent shooting 29%, the Warriors are the best three-point shooting team in the league shooting 40%. One is an 11-0 the other is not. The law of averages says that eventually everything will even out, but when?