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Chandler Parsons doesn't understand the Kevin McHale firing

Current Dallas Maverick and Houston Rocket hero-villain Chandler Parsons criticizes McHale firing and offers praise for his former coach.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Chandler Parsons has played the role of Houston Rockets hero and villain. Today, he's just a man with an opinion, like the rest of us.

Parsons developed a good relationship with Kevin McHale during the first three seasons of his NBA career as a Houston Rocket. The swift firing is confounding to Parsons, who weighed in on Twitter and to reporters with questions and positive comments about McHale.


They were in the conference finals six months ago and just signed him to a long-term extension a year ago," Parsons said. "It's a crazy league.

"I don't get it, necessarily. I think McHale is a great coach and an unbelievable guy. Obviously, they're having their struggles early, but I didn't see that coming."

"You could tell something was off by the way they were playing," Parsons said. "But is that McHale's fault? It's a tough league for coaches, for sure. It's sad because he's a great guy and personally, he helped me a lot with my career. He got my career kick-started. He was amazing to play for. His offense was awesome and an unbelievable guy and unbelievable person. I feel bad for him.