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Three takeaways: Houston Rockets win over Portland Trail Blazers

An overtime win powered by a fourth quarter James Harden-Corey Brewer takeover.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets were down 15 at home to the Portland Trail Blazers, another team they should be beating easily. They gritted out a come from behind win with a 108 to 103 overtime win. The win gives the Rockets a little hope and keeps Rockets fans from jumping off buildings.

Below are three takeaways from the win.

Half court offense?

For the first three-quarters the Rockets finally found a spark by playing a lot in the half court. They slowed the pace down to almost a crawl.

Jason Terry or Ty Lawson would bring the ball up slowly and toss to James Harden to either shoot or create a shot for someone else.

I am aware the Rockets do this a lot but, it just struck me as more odd than usual. They look so odd in half-court sets, not many plays are run and it's really just James Harden hero ball. *Side note* This is partly why Ty Lawson was moved to the bench. If you are just gonna go back to what worked last year. Lawson would be more effective away from Harden.

Hope comes in the fourth quarter!

For the first time in seemingly FOREVER, the Rockets got back to playing their game. The Rockets played defense, pushed the pace and made shots! Amazing what making shots can do for a team.

In the fourth quarter, down 15 the Rockets kept playing aggressive basketball. They held the Trailblazers to 26% shooting while they shot 50%.

James Harden and Corey Brewer went bananas scoring 30 of the teams 38 points in the fourth.

There was so much to like in the fourth quarter. You hope that they can bring this Rockets team to the next game.

Ty Lawson era is over, for now.

Lawson played 0 minutes in the fourth quarter and overtime. Lawson touched the court for only 20 minutes overall. *Side note* Kevin McHale mentioned recently he could be changing the point guards, looks like J.B. Bickerstaff agreed.

While tonight you still haven't seen it, Ty Lawson should be able to be more effective coming off the bench. The Rockets seem to flow a little better with Jason Terry next to James Harden rather than with Lawson.

Terry is a legit three-point threat and does not need his hands on the ball as much as Lawson.

The Rockets want Lawson in that starting lineup, but he has given the team nothing. Maybe a stretch on the bench might shake Lawson from his slump and then we will finally see the Lawson/Harden duo we all wanted when he was first acquired.

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