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Ty Lawson heads to the bench Jason Terry will start

A slumping Ty Lawson will cede his starting spot to veteran Jason Terry in an attempt to reinvigorate a stalled Houston Rockets offense and defense.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Lawson experiment looks to have ran it's course for now. On Wednesday the Rockets made a move at head coach and at point guard. They injected Jason Terry into the starting lineup. After Wednesday night's win the team announced that Terry would continue as the starter going forward.

"This was not a point the finger at Ty (Lawson), this is not a blame Ty," head coach J.B. Bickerstaff said. "This was try to get Ty on the floor more without James (Harden) so the ball can be in his hands to make plays and see if we can get him more comfortable."

Lawson against the Trailblazers did not play at all in the fourth quarter or in overtime and only played 20 minutes overall. Lawson, like Josh Smith last season seems to have bought into the move to the bench.

"Whatever for the team to win," Lawson said of the move to the bench "I can come in the second unit and probably have the ball move in my hands and be able to play more to my game."

For many reasons this year the Lawson/James Harden one-two punch has just not worked. Whether it was Harden who couldn't figure out how to work with Lawson or Lawson not able to figure out how to work with Harden. What's best for business going forward is Terry next to Harden.

"He (Terry) knows how to play this is his 17th year," Harden said "so he brings the spacing, just his IQ in the game of basketball, obviously he isn't the quickest guy on the court but him being in the right places at the right time helps us out a lot."

Terry 38 years old again will get another run in the Rockets starting lineup after last year starting 18 games in the regular season. Terry also started during the team's playoff run.

"Veteran experience, tons, and tons of experience," Terry said of what he brings back to the starting backcourt "leadership, shotmaking and playmaking and also a guy that understand time and score, pace of the game, just those little nuances."

When the Rockets were at their peak last season, Harden was the defacto point guard. Against the Trailblazers Wednesday night when the Rockets were at their peak, Harden was the point guard as well.

The Rockets ultimately would be better with Lawson next to Harden. But till Lawson finds his aggressive self it's best for Terry to play Robin to Harden's Batman.