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3 takeaways from the Rockets' loss to the Heat

So many thoughts, it's hard to limit them to just a few.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Again the Rockets lost to a team by 20 points or more, falling to the Heat 109 to 89. Things aren't just bad, they are BAD. The Rockets are the only team in the history of the NBA to start the season with the straight losses by 20 or more points.

Below are three takeaways from the loss to the Heat.

James Harden is broken

I am still not sure how this happened either... Last season, he was one of the most feared players in the NBA. First few games in and Harden is struggling, shooting under 25% from the field including only making two shots against the Heat.

Harden last year was the primary ball handler this year he's second banana to Ty Lawson. It's possible Harden is still trying to figure out how to be as effective with the ball in his hands less.

Harden has forgotten how much game he actually has. The MVP runner-up only seems to take threes or run the rim looking for the foul. One of the great things about Harden last year was the growth of his "step daddy" — his version of the step back. Lately his mid-range game has been nonexistent.

The Rockets are so small

There is playing with a small lineup and there is playing with a SMALL lineup. When Dwight Howard is not in the game — he probably won't play many back to backs this season — and even when he is, your tallest player not named Howard is Clint Capela at 6'9.

Hassan Whiteside completely took advantage of the team's size, snagging rebound after rebound over Rockets players.

Kevin McHale warned us all, but we didn't listen

Before the season started McHale mentioned that he wished they had 10 more practices together full of healthy bodies. Instead, they didn't and they had to go with what they had and win or lose they had to keep on going.

Still have faith they will get better, they won't go 0-82. But it could get darker before the sun starts to shine over Toyota Center.

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