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Rockets mascot Clutch assaulted by Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez is a menace to society.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Not only did the Rockets lose the battle with the Knicks last night, Houston's mascot Clutch was beat up by Knicks center Robin Lopez.

Sure maybe, Clutch deserved it. The mascot was wearing shirt with Batman's Robin crossed out. Clutch then shot Lopez with fire extinguisher repeatedly and clearly did his best to express "come at me bro" with his mascot face.

Robin Lopez processed to choke Clutch and knock Clutch to the ground. I'm not sure Lopez knows how to use a fire extinguisher because he rubbed the side of it on Clutch's face while he was on the ground.

This isn't the first time that Lopez has had trouble with mascots, so much so there are video complations:

The mascot thug life didn't choose Robin Lopez, the mascot thug life chose Robin Lopez.

The Rockets lost 107-102 to the Knicks on Saturday. Lopez had eight points, six rebounds, and two assists.