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On Patrick Beverley's injury and James Harden's personal life

In today's Rocket Fuel, an update is given on Patrick Beverley, and the Rockets continue to plummet in the power rankings

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While you are preparing for a family reunion and stuffing your face with food on Thursday, the Rockets are preparing to face the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow. Make sure you are caught up on the latest Rockets news. It's Rocket Fuel!

Pat Beverley sits out practice but could be cleared to face Memphis | Ultimate Rockets

Hopefully Patrick Beverley can provide the much needed spark for the Rockets.

Morey: James Harden's Personal Life Not A Factor In Play | RealGM

There's something wrong beneath the surface with the beard. Daryl Morey believes it has nothing to do with his life off the court.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association | ESPN

Sigh. The Rockets continue to plummet down the rankings, reaching the bottom 5 in the league.

Houston Rockets guard Ty Lawson is no longer a fantasy asset- Fantasy Basketball | ESPN

Yes this is a fantasy basketball article, but it highlights Ty Lawson's major struggles so far this season (insider required).