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Sam Dekker is on the mend

Sam Dekker is up and moving around and back rehabbing.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets rookie forward Sam Dekker is back in the locker room. Instead of a basketball uniform, he's traded that in for sweats as he continues to improve after a surgical procedure on his back about a week ago.

Dekker said he first felt the problem during training camp. The Rockets shut him down and he responded well to it, but about a month ago the problem arose again. After dealing with the issue, every day after the problem snuck back up he made the decision get it taken care of.

It would seem per Dekker the three-month estimate from the doctors is correct, but Dekker is trying to beat the clock.

"With how I like to do things hopefully we can get back as soon as possible, I'm feeling good, already getting into the rehab process," Dekker said.

The surgery now under his belt to get him back into playing shape, but  it  may also be more important to helping him off the court.

"Being able to get up and walk and get out of bed in the morning," Dekker said. "We realized if I want to play a long time in this league. (I) better get that fixed and so we did everything. (It) went really well and it's all cleared up,"

Now with surgery behind him and a less painful back. Maybe we can see Dekker come back and release the dynamic player we have seen only glimpses of.

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