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On Ty Lawson's struggles and Dwight Howard's future

In today's Rocket Fuel, have Dwight Howard and the Rockets reached a crossover? Also, what is going on with Ty Lawson?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving Rockets fans! Even though the Rockets are struggling, take time today to stuff your face with food and enjoy that other sport we love- football! It's Rocket Fuel!

Harden’s 40 point performance not enough as Rocket fall to Grizzlies | The Dream Shake

ICYMI the game last night preparing to stuff your face with a thanksgiving feast, we've got you covered with a recap.

Are Houston Rockets and Dwight Howard at a crossroad? | Space City Scoop

Has this time finally come?

It is still early in the season, but it's getting late for the Rockets - Houston Rockets Blog | ESPN

It's getting late around here.

Dwight Howard ready for back-to-backs for Houston Rockets

The news we have all been waiting for.

Second-half benching an unexpected first for Rockets' Ty Lawson - Houston Rockets Blog- ESPN

Things aren't looking much better for this situation...