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Three takeaways from the Rockets win over the 76ers

Rockets get a win over the win less 76ers, but it's a win and here are some takeaways.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets finally break the losing streak with a two-point win over the winless 76ers, 116-114. Whether you believe this shouldn't count as a win or not, who cares... It's a win. The Rockets did try to hand the 76ers the win with 22 turnovers, but they were able to get a few stops when they needed it down the stretch to secure the win.

Below are three takeaways from the win:

Can't we just stick with one lineup for a while?

Before the game Friday night, J.B. Bickerstaff mentioned that changes to the lineup where coming. The change just wasn't the expected Pat Beverley for Jason Terry but also they subbed in Clint Capela for Terrence Jones.

The lineup seemed to work, too, getting bigger helps the Rockets on the glass but clogs up the lane a little more. One of the early complaints by the Rockets was the spacing.

The Rockets have used nine starting lineups in the first 16 games of the season while I'd like for them to stick with this for a while, chances are they won't.

James Harden on FIRE

Unlike the team's last loss to the Grizzlies when Harden scored 40 points but only managed a handful in the fourth and final quarter.

Harden stayed cooking all the way through the game including the fourth. Harden was very aggressive start to finish, draining three's all over the court and taking it into the lane to draw the foul and get to the line. You won't find many more games where Harden has been better offensively, little disappointing you get 50 from Harden and you only win by two.

Harden's 50 point night


Harden wasn't a complete ballhog either while there was still plenty of those ISO's we all love. Harden did share the ball plenty racking up eight assists and two assists that lead to free throws.

Can we trade for Isaiah Canaan and Robert Covington?

Now bare with my logic here and tell me what you think. Harden in the offseason said he wanted another playmaker, the team traded for Ty Lawson.

Right now, Canaan can provide so much more than this version of Lawson. Canaan played very well in his return to Houston, hitting threes plus with fearlessness in the paint.

The Rockets also signed Corey Brewer to a three-year deal in the offseason. Right now, Covington would provide the punch off the bench the team had last year with Brewer. Covington isn't going to get to the rim as much as Brewer, but he would hit threes a whole lot better.

Both Canaan and Covington fit what the Rockets want to do, get out and run and take threes. I'm telling you it just makes sense.

I am not sure how Daryl Morey could pull it off, but tell me how many other guys would be a more PERFECT fit for this team. Plus it's not like the 76ers are looking to win anyways, they might actually be interested.

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