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Rockets vs. Knicks game thread: Looking for signs of life

There haven't been many

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets go to the Garden for a Sunday evening showdown with the New York Kristapsbockers. They're riding maybe the least impressive one-game winning streak in NBA history.

It will be game two of the Dwight-Capela frontcourt experiment. It will be another game in which James Harden will be asked to shoulder the load on offense. The only way the Rockets can hope to succeed — not just win, succeed — is if Harden can score efficiently while getting others involved early in the offense, not with a pass to the corner with two seconds left in the shot clock.

Capela should do well on Kristaps Porzingis. If not, we might have to anoint him the next Rockets killer. Maybe Porzingis won't go off. Maybe the Knicks will win anyway. That's the way this season is going. Right now, the Rockets need a spark. And another 50-point game from Harden just won't do it (for the long haul. We'll take it short term).