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The Thunder say the Rockets were desperate for win

The Rockets were desperate to avoid 0-4. It worked.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

An animal backed against the wall looking to escape is the animal you do not want to deal with. The Rockets were looking 0-4 in the face and yet another 20-point loss. Instead, down 15, the Rockets mounted a comeback to beat the Thunder 110 to 105.

"Obviously," Russell Westbrook said when asked if he thought the Rockets were playing desperately. "They had lost three in a row and they should be desperate, we left them off the hook tonight,"

I can agree the Rockets wanted/needed the win, but desperate... that could be a stretch. Desperate for a win is when the Rockets are 0-8, not 0-3.

"We were up 14 points," Kevin Durant said "we didn't put them away like we should have. It was a tough one for us,"

The Rockets beat the Thunder, the game was not handed to them. The Rockets got 37 points from James Harden, 11 assists from Ty Lawson and played their best defense of the season.

For the first time this year, the Rockets played closer to the team that made it to the Western Conference Finals. They pushed the pace, made threes, spread the floor, got to the rim, and forced turnovers.

"We got the monkey off our back," Lawson said of the win.

With the monkey now gone hopefully the team can start to pick up some steam.